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People Connect is a great Mental Health Solution, offered by People Corporation.

A 40% discount available to all CNLA members at $0.85 per employee, per month
People Connect offers leaders resources, information, and training to help them
create a psychologically safe workplace. The service provides employees educational
tools, online assessments, and access to immediate care through virtual therapy


Employees and their family members have access to information, support, and affordable therapy.

  • Knowledge forum - shared articles and resources

  • Online behavioral assessment

  • Virtual therapist selection

  • Webinars


The People Connect solution will help employers mitigate the risks and costs associated with poor workplace health practices.

  • Mental health first-aid training

  • Peer program development

  • Executive sponsorship

  • Compliance roadmap for the “standard"


Leaders have access to education and training to destigmatize mental health and manage the psychological health and safety of employees.

  • Knowledge forum - shared articles
    and resources

  • Support seminars

  • Virtual training

Watch our Overview video

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People Connect Solution

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Why People Connect?

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Frequently Asked Question for Plan Sponsors

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Frequently Asked Question for Plan Members

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People Connect Proposal

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