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Learn about HortProtect's story.

Our Story


We're here to provide you with information on all the insurance products available through Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) HortProtect.


HortProtect was developed by the CNLA to offer a comprehensive group of insurance products designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals and companies operating within the horticultural industry. Through the CNLA Insurance Committee (made up of association members and CNLA staff) the products and pricing are closely monitored to ensure members are receiving the best possible arrangements.


By using these industry designed products you are not only purchasing quality coverage you are also supporting your association. The participating insurance companies refund a small percentage of every premium dollar collected back to the CNLA. These dollars are used to offset the cost of running the association. So, when considering your next insurance purchase make sure you consider the benefits of HortProtect. Together we are stronger.

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