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Marsh Canada’s Affinity and Specialty Programs provide comprehensive insurance program management for large corporations, franchises, business-owner organizations, and professional associations, alumni associations, or any membership organization/group that shares a common "affinity."



A comprehensive Property and Casualty Program tailored to meet CNLA member needs:


  • Errors and omissions coverage for landscape design professionals.

  • Unlocked vehicle warranty for theft of tools in an unattended vehicle.

  • Rented equipment and rental reimbursement coverage.

  • Blanket limit for all insured values.

  • Coverage for greenhouses and nurseries and growing stock.

  • Landscapers including snow removal operations.

  • Commercial 'blanket' fleet rating.

  • Hail coverage provided without any limitation.

  • Overspray pollution liability.


  • Fertilizing and weed spraying revenues (combined) of more than 25% of the overall revenue. Additional underwriting consideration required on a case by case basis for excess of 25%.

  • Operations that involve snow removal revenue in excess of 50% of total revenue.

  • Snow removal contractors who have hold harmless agreements that do not reference negligence.

  • Snow removal contractors who have no risk control procedures in place

  • Operations with less than three years experience.

  • Risks with claims loss ratios over 50% in the past five years or any account that's had a pollution incident.

Ineligible Risks


All members of CNLA with a minimum of 50% revenue derived from landscape or nursery operations, and who have been in business for a minimum of three years.

If involved in snow removal:

  • Proper snow removal contracts must be utilized and they must not contain a hold harmless clause holding the contractor responsible for actions that are not due to their own negligence. CNLA has an approved contract.

  • Snow maintenance logs must be kept by the contracts for at least three years.



As a valued member of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, owners, full-time employees and your families can benefit from preferred group rates for home and auto insurance, which could save you hundreds of dollars.

The program is administered by Marsh Canada Limited and underwritten by Intact Insurance Company. Program features include:​

  • Preferred group discounted rates.

  • Monthly payment plan.

  • 24-hour emergency claims service.

  • Optional accident forgiveness.

  • Emergency babysitting, nursing, and homemaking services.


To receive your preferred rate, please call 1 877 476 6727  and speak with a licensed insurance broker at Marsh’s Private Client Services or request a quote online at

We are very pleased to be able to make this program available to you and your family, and encourage you to call for a quote to see how much you can save! 

Should your firm wish to participate and receive information packages (consisting of launch letters and print brochures) for your full-time employees, and posters to display in your workplace, please contact Samantha Galloway at Marsh’s Private Client Services or toll-free at 1-800-265-2196  Ext. 31624. and provide her with the quantity of information packages and posters required.

Preferred group rates can potentially mean hundreds of dollars in savings on your insurance costs and the only way to reduce your costs is to compare rates, so please call Marsh’s Private Client Services at      1 877 476 6727  for your no-obligation quote.

Please note that automobile insurance is not available in provinces where government automobile insurance plans exist.

When you purchase coverage through the HortProtect Property/Casualty Insurance Program everyone wins — you get access to group insurance rates and comprehensive coverage, and the CNLA receives compensation from Marsh for assistance in administering the HortProtect Plan.

Home & Auto

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